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Our Desire III - New Creations

by Southridge Community Church

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Trust In You 03:52
You gave light to every star Calling each one out by name You put fire in my heart And so I come to You with praise Even if the stars collide Even if I die tonight Lord, I will trust in You Even if you take away Everything You gave to me Lord, I will trust in… I will trust in… You, the Maker of the earth In a complex universe Have created me to love and live for You, through rain and shifting sands My life is in Your hands I will trust in You You spoke life into existence And spun the moon around the earth And when I stare into the distance Lord, I see the beauty of your worth In the darkest valleys of this life - I’ll trust in You When my hearts broken down and blind - I’ll trust in You
You made the heavens and shined in the night Lit up the darkness to make all things right Conquered the grave, conquered it all Awaiting Your light, to come again in the night And I look to You For You are the rock on which I stand Great are Your ways! Great are your ways! You’re worthy of praise Countless in days, countless in days Love never ending Lord of my life, King of the years You called me by name. You dried all my tears. Be lifted up, for all to see The life that You have, the freedom you bring And we look to You For You are the rock on which we stand Compassion and grace, You love and embrace Lord you’re so beautiful Great are your ways You died in my place, my sins to erase Lord you’re so wonderful Great are Your ways
I am overwhelmed By all that you have done for me I can’t believe the love That You’ve given for a world that’s turned its back on You Yet You paid the greatest price Gave up Your life on the cross for us And we cry, “Holy, Holy is the Lamb!” And we cry, “Holy, Holy is the Lamb!” Reigning forever Reigning forever I stand in awe Of the beauty of the universe Created by Your hand Your power is so visible in everything And You reach down into my soul And make me a child of God You, O God, are so wonderful Full of mercy and power and grace Your majesty fills the heavens And I’m overwhelmed by You And I’m overwhelmed by You
If we love You – really love You We must do what You command For it’s what Your love demands And If we love You – really love You We must love each other too Just as we’ve been loved by You Let our songs be prayers that move our hands and feet As we take the grace You’ve shown us to the streets And our world will be blessed As we follow in Your steps Living love in all we do Let Your love explode throughout our neighbourhoods As our actions speak much louder than our words If we claim to love You, O Father It must change how we treat one another Because love for You means love for those You love Yes, love for You means love for those You love
Going Home 04:30
I’m leaving the land of confusion Of deceiving, denial and delusion The place where lies are lived as truth And the past has its terrible hold on you And I’m going to the land of the living Where freedom comes from heartfelt confession To a safe place of acceptance And a real grace of true deliverance And I’m going home Back to the place where I belong And I’m going home To rest in Your arms, sheltered and warm Safe from all harm… in the city of God I’m leaving the spiral of hurting Of blaming, excusing, deserting Of secrets held, of old regrets Of pointing fingers and harboured debts And I’m going to the land of the living Where love reigns and faith leads to action Where I will be made whole again Being molded by the Master’s hand I’m rejecting the voice I’ve been feeding That cheapens my value and meaning By selling me vice in the guise of real love Until all that felt nice drives a knife in my heart I’m embracing the truth that You love me Believing my worth and my beauty Choosing to follow a brand new way I see me as You do in the light of day
I Love You 04:04
Lord, Your mercy is great and mighty You give us forgiveness and grace Lord, I fall and You catch me And tell me everything’s okay All the while I’m being unfaithful You still love me just the same In my hours of darkness You light up my world again I love You, I adore You Everyday, keep me coming close to You I need You – to be with You Lord, let me do what You want me to do Help me to trust You completely And open my heart up to You Let me feel Your presence near me And worship You with everything I am
With every gift you’ve given me I’ll give it back to You It isn’t mine to begin with It was made to spread Your truth To spread Your truth It’s all for You Your power, it’s like none I know Your love fills me until I overflow I’m never letting go With all of my selfish desires Bring me back to You something higher It’s not about me to begin with Let it begin in You It’s all for You
Dear Life 05:03


released August 6, 2006

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Derek Elliotson, except tracks 5,9&10, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Jason Deroche


all rights reserved



Southridge Community Church Saint Catharines, Ontario

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